The Mount Rushmore National Memorial

The Mount Rushmore National Memorial is a sculpture carved into the granite face of Mount Rushmore near Keystone, South Dakota, in the United States. The Mount Rushmore Memorial was sculpted by Gutzon Borglum.

Representing freedom and democracy, Mount Rushmore National Memorial in the Black Hill National Forest near Keystone, Hill City, and Custer is a tribute to four presidents:

George Washington, who represents the birth of our republic; visions of representative government with our expanding nation as seen by Thomas Jefferson; Theodore Roosevelt recognizing the role of the United States in world affairs and economy and Abraham Lincoln for equality to all citizens.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial and the Black Hills represent American history. History of Gutzon Borglum, Crazy Horse (Crazy Horse Memorial), Custer State Park, and old mining towns of Hill City and Keystone, connected by the 1880 train, now quaint with history and charm, thrive near Mount Rushmore Memorial.

Mount Rushmore is considered a priceless U.S. treasure. The U.S. National Park Service took control of Mount Rushmore National Memorial in 1933.

What to do at Mount Rushmore Memorial?

Visit the Avenue of Flags and try to find your state flag.
The Presidential Trail leads to close views of Mount Rushmore Memorial faces. Also, check out Mount Rushmore's state of the art Visitor Center and Museum. Enjoy an orientation film on the presidents and the Mount Rushmore carvings.

Evening Sculpture Lighting Ceremony held in the amphitheater at 9:00 PM nightly (dusk) during the summer months is a breathtaking sight to see. You'll also want to do some souvenir shopping in the large Mount Rushmore gift shop where they also sell local artists' crafts.
The Mount Rushmore carving is viewable from Grand View Terrace, where you can eat at Carver's Cafe with exclusive offerings to include All American Favorites, Presidential Features, Dakota Grill, and Pizza, Bonsun Chair Bakery, Memorial Team Ice Cream, Gourmet Coffee, Tea, and Espresso.

Visit Sculptor's studio and see the original model of the carving. You can also take the Mount Rushmore Audio Tour includes interviews, historic recordings, music, and narration, or you can take guided walks available to Sculptor's Studio, Presidential Trail, and Talks on Grand Terrace.